General Information

MHE holds classes on Monday mornings Sept-Apr for fall and spring semesters, 10 weeks per semester.

Classes are offered for children ages 5 through teens. Nursery and preschool classes are available with an older sibling enrolled. Classes hold from 8:45am-12pm. We run as a cooperative, meaning a parent/guardian is required to be present and assist in classes at all times.

Class offerings change each year depending on what parents are willing to teach.

Must be an MHE Member first to register for co-op classes. See "Join" tab for membership steps.

Registration fees cover classroom materials: $25/child ages 5+, $10/child ages 3-4 preschool, nursery free

2023-2024 Schedule

Schedule for ages 5-11

First Semester: Art History, Animal Science, Gym

Second Semester: TBD

2023-2024 Schedule

Schedule for ages 12+

First Semester: Cooking (going beyond following a recipe), Volunteering (needs parent's permission to leave the building), Gym

Second Semester: TBD